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UK Bombs Syria

The government are not here to protect you. They are not here to prevent wars, give us housing, save our health service, or educate our children. These are not their priorities. They are here to ensure that they have a comfortable career, regardless of whether that means profiting off the blood of innocents. That’s it. … Continue reading

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Paris Attacks part 1

The mainstream response in fRance to the Paris attacks has been the emergence of a discourse not too dissimilar from post-9/11 Bush narratives about ‘our freedoms’. “They hate our freedoms, they hate our lifestyle, they hate our champagne”, the story goes. Hence the creation of hashtags such as ‪#‎JeSuisTerrace‬, where the (white) french population is … Continue reading


Rememberance Sunday

Today is Remembrance Sunday. There isn’t enough space on your lapel, nor your entire outfit, to wear the flowers which have sprung from every battlefield where European arms have slain the countless, nameless, graveless. Apparently, there is only room for the poppy, the one which reminds us of the European fallen. Today is a time … Continue reading