Open Letter from the Wretched of the Earth bloc to the organisers of the People’s Climate March of Justice and Jobs

On Dec. 7th, indigenous activists from across the world kayaked down the river Seine to protest the removal of the protection of indigenous rights as a crucial aspect of the climate treaty being negotiated in Paris. The push back against indigenous rights was led by the U.S., EU, Australia – all states with a rich … Continue reading

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Paris Attacks part 1

The mainstream response in fRance to the Paris attacks has been the emergence of a discourse not too dissimilar from post-9/11 Bush narratives about ‘our freedoms’. “They hate our freedoms, they hate our lifestyle, they hate our champagne”, the story goes. Hence the creation of hashtags such as ‪#‎JeSuisTerrace‬, where the (white) french population is … Continue reading