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Petition: National Express coaches are racist

Sorry to burst the nationalistic bubble of ‪#‎YouAintNoMuslimBruv‬ now even condoned by David Cameron. This happens all.the.time. In shops, on the streets, in the schools, outside clubs. Same goes for racist fRance election results. If you’re surprised, you weren’t paying attention. Sign if you care, boycott if you can. Hard times ahead, but nothing new. … Continue reading


UK Bombs Syria

The government are not here to protect you. They are not here to prevent wars, give us housing, save our health service, or educate our children. These are not their priorities. They are here to ensure that they have a comfortable career, regardless of whether that means profiting off the blood of innocents. That’s it. … Continue reading


News – Child Poverty

Less than two weeks after it emerged that the Department for Work and Pensions (DWP) blocked the publication of statistics showing how many people have died within six weeks of having their benefits stopped, the government is at it again. This time changing the goalposts so that child poverty doesn’t look as bad. Absolutely shameless … Continue reading