Death / Disposession / not forgotten

Thanks giving

Today is thanksgiving day in the U.S.A. For many of those coming together today, it will perhaps be a genuine moment for gratefulness – for life and love that has survived racist executions, transphobic murders and misogynistic killings.

The more critical amongst us will reflect on the blood and sweat from indigenous, black, and brown bodies that layer the land upon which are built our present day lives.

But let us remember too that much blood is still fresh, even if not right under our feet. The guns and bombs unleashed in Iraq, Yemen and Kurdistan, the evacuation of lands & lives in Brazil, the Congo, and West Papua, the drowning of bodies in the Mediterranean Sea and the Indian Ocean – all of these, and more, make possible our lives today – the conditions of/for our living in this very moment.

So, if you take a moment today to think of those whose land and bodies you stand on, pause some more to think of whose flow of blood makes your life possible. Look beyond your borders – and reflect, too, on the outsourced genocide.


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