UK Bombs Syria

The government are not here to protect you. They are not here to prevent wars, give us housing, save our health service, or educate our children. These are not their priorities.

They are here to ensure that they have a comfortable career, regardless of whether that means profiting off the blood of innocents. That’s it.

They don’t care about the deaths of innocents in Syria, and they don’t care about you. They have shown, time and time again, that they are our enemies. They watch as we die – whether from starving to death from benefit cuts, being murdered by police, or through domestic violence.

And don’t get us started on the callous, inhumane treatment of refugees and migrants, with the press freely comparing them to cockroaches and people running from massacres being left to die in the sea.

All airstrikes in Syria will do is create more death, which seems to be the most popular political currency right now.

Fuck this shit. Fight back. Fight with us.


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