Rememberance Sunday

Today is Remembrance Sunday.

There isn’t enough space on your lapel, nor your entire outfit, to wear the flowers which have sprung from every battlefield where European arms have slain the countless, nameless, graveless. Apparently, there is only room for the poppy, the one which reminds us of the European fallen.

Today is a time when many Britons will don a red poppy to remember the fallen of the Great Wars. Many of said Britons will also conveniently forget, or politely mention, the 1.7 million soldiers conscripted from British Colonies, who still by way of national policy and attitude, are treated as sub-human.

I, as a Black Dissident, walk down the street and am told to ‘get the f**ck out of the country’, even though my Grandfather fought for this white mans ‘freedom’, my Grandfather didn’t fight for freedom though, he fought so that the world could be plunged into indebtedness to the Captains of Industry. The warmongerers.

As Black Dissidents, diaspora of the stolen fallen, we promise to only fall ever again for the freedom of our land and people, that is our duty.

A gentle reminder for those who see today as an opportunity to celebrate people coming together to fight a common enemy.. ‘The Allies’ have remained the common enemy of the third world, of the peace, of the environment and of spiritual equanimity until Remembrance Sunday 2015. We as black and brown diasporac resistance, live every day in remembrance, our remembrance is resistance.

So what do we remember? The only winner from the Great Wars, the only winner from all wars, is the military-industrial complex, the right fist of the white-hetero-patriarchal capitalist status quo. Poor folk die, dozen by the second, because it is profitable for rich white straight men, and the world wars were ended by people resisting war, that is all we need to remember.

If you put on a red poppy, you better pledge to resist all current NATO driven wars, you better say a prayer for the fallen Native American, Aotearoan, African, Asian, Australians who died by the British bullet, or better yet take off that poppy, bin a eurocentric tradition, and pledge allegiance to the people.

Black power. People power.


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