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Turkey and the Kurds

Yesterday in Ankara, as the ‘Labour, Peace and Democracy’ rally was set to begin, a rally calling for an end of the Turkish military campaign against civilians in the East, and against the PKK, two bombs were detonated in the growing crowd. 130+ civilians are dead, hundreds are injured.

This demonstration, which asked the government to stop sowing seeds of division in the nation, was organised by the Confederation of Progressive Trade Unions, the Confederation of Public Workers Unions, Association of Doctors and Engineers, and importantly, The People’s Democratic Party. The People’s Democratic Party, a left-wing, anti-nationalist, anti-capitalist party with strong ties to Rojava, recently won 81 seats in the Turkish Assembly, making them the 4th largest party in the country. They carried victories in 14 out of 85 electoral districts in Turkey (mainly Eastern Turkey) completing destroying the majority of the fascist AKP party, who now reign.

The Turkish Prime minister, The Turkish President and leading politicians, all from AKP, have seized the opportunity of the massacre to further divide the nation, to further ostracise Kurdish communities, to foster the feeling of an impending civil war. This is an act of war, but it is nowhere near the first. The Roboski massacre was an act of war. The Soma massacre was an act of war. The Suruc massacre was an act of war. The Diyarbakir massacre was an act of war. The countless dead at the hands of the Turkish Government are victims of a terror campaign. Let’s be clear. They are killing the revolutionaries, by the hundreds, in cold blood. Kurds are being gunned down, for being Kurdish.

There will never be peace from a government, and deep state, who disappears the police conveniently before a bombing takes place, then makes them reappear only to water cannon and tear gas the people trying to care for the dying and dead. A government who immediately seeks to gain political capital from murder, who censors social media to hush the truth. The Turkish government, and all its allies, including the UK, are responsible for massacres, including yesterdays, and if they don’t give us justice – which they won’t-, then we won’t give them peace – which we must.

The Turkish government is one of the UK’s closest allies, both countries are war dogs barking off the same leash of NATO, which sets about further carving up the Middle East to the whim of the Imperial military-industrial complex. With the Turkish government’s blessing, and military support, the Conservative party are crying to extend their bombing campaigns in Iraq, deeper into Syria, where they have long been meddling.
In the UK we must, we must, we must, topple the Conservative government, the terrorists in suits and ties holding seats in our parliament are a threat to national, and global security. David Cameron is a murdering terrorist who must not, who will not, be allowed to sit in the seat of power one day more. We must let every physical representation of the Turkish government in the UK know that it’s days are numbered by bringing reality to the term solidarity – Please invite your friends to this event, being held TODAY:

In the video attached to this post, Selahattin Demirtas, co-leader of the truly progressive HDP party, addresses the mainstream media, responds to the Country’s leaders and says clearly; “We will save our country from you, with god’s will these days are close. We will save our country from you. We will save the oppressed people from you. These days will come, and we will see it together.”



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