Black Liberation Women Liberation

The history of women of colour fighting against violence against our bodies is a long, painful and brutal one. Violence against women of colour was the basis for the reproduction of white supremacist slavery in America: our bodies were the playthings and labour-producing-machines of slave masters. We were simultaneously treated as chattel and sex toys. … Continue reading


Tales of detention

“Say something about this link”… This may be one of the most important reads of your life. In it lies the journeys through colonialism, through patriarchy, through racism, through capitalism, through the treacheries of the West, today, now. In it lies the quality of injustice in all its rawness, in all its unquenchable lust for … Continue reading


News – Child Poverty

Less than two weeks after it emerged that the Department for Work and Pensions (DWP) blocked the publication of statistics showing how many people have died within six weeks of having their benefits stopped, the government is at it again. This time changing the goalposts so that child poverty doesn’t look as bad. Absolutely shameless … Continue reading