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State Murder – fRance

On the one hand fRance is sinking deeper and deeper into nasty social and institutional racism, with the recent cases of the banning of a girl from school over an ‘ostentacious’ skirt ‪#‎JePorteMaJupeCommeJeVeux‬, the negative ruling 10 years too late on the ‪#‎ZyedetBouna‬ trial that absolved the police from any responsibility in killing the two brown boys, the racist banning of the ‘‪#‎Tchip‬‘ (teeth sucking) from schools a couple of weeks ago, the outpouring of liberal racism en mass in the aftermath of the Charlie Hebdo killings, the daily targeting and harassing of Muslims all over the territory that more often than not goes unchallenged and rarely makes it to national news, the treatment of migrants in the very centre of Paris in recent weeks ‪#‎migrantsdelachapelle‬ and the deafening silence of the state over the death of ‪#‎LamineDieng‬.

And on the other hand, there is this unexpected victory for our sisters and brothers campaigning against police brutality and racist stop and search: April 2012, 13 black and brown french citizens sued the state for racist profiling in Stop and Search routines. 5 of them won their cases today. This is potentially a landmark ruling that forces the state and the police to prove that its searches are *not* racist rather than putting the onus on the victims.
Groups in France have been campaigning for several years to have the police justify every stop and search, and hand a receipt to those who get searched. Today is a crucial victory.

Well done to our sisters and brothers in fRance, and in particular to Stop Le Controle au Facies ( and ‪#‎FergusonInParis‬ .


It is unlikely that the UK media will grant this ruling the attention it deserves, so here’s a link to fRench news outlet.


read more: (en francais)


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